Business Highlight: Home Inspection Business Photos!

How Lisa decided to start Amerispec Seahurst Home Inspections

Thanks to Lisa McIntosh for joining me on a Zoom call to learn more about how she decided to start her business, and how she uses photos we captured for her branding.

Let’s do a little background about your business. What inspired you to start your business?

A couple of men in my life. My brother was working as a home inspector with another business. He was over one day and mentioned that the owner wanted to retire. My husband was in retail at the time. There were long hours and frustration, so I thought, “huh.” With my background in building, and their skills, we talked about the idea to go into business. Between running my own business as a Sign Language Interpreter and those home building experiences, I felt confident to take it on.

How long have you been in business?

7 years as of Feb. 1, 2021!

The business was going for 20 years before we bought it, so it’s 27 now.

Working with you a year ago, it’s been a delight to see how you use your images on Instagram. How do you find them helpful? What prompted you to invest in a photo session?

Before I started rebranding and working with Erin MacCoy, Marketing Coach, I was not happy with my business. A lot of things helped me choose to make it my own. 

If you look at any business card in real estate, they have agent headshots. Working with Erin she said we needed more than that - so now when I get asked to speak on a panel, I have a headshot ready to send. We use the photos for social media, and we have someone who does that using the photos at her disposal. I also teach classes and use them in my Powerpoint - having them ready to use is really helpful.

Let me share more about Lisa’s Home Inspection business and we created with The Branding Photo Package:

Here is a small group of photos we captured together during a 3 hour session - we have the team portrait and storytelling images captured on location.

What do you do and how do you serve your clients?

We are a home inspection businesses. We’ve been in business for 7 years! We mostly serve home buying clients by giving them the information they need, the story of the house so they know whether they want to buy a house as is or request some repairs. Basically, our job is to go through the home, and collect all of the evidence and clues, our inspectors are well trained and licensed. So, they go in and find the story of the house, they piece it all together for the clients so they know how they want to move forward.

(Lance photo exterior home image)

We also work with sellers if they want to know more about their house. I’ve lived in a house for 20 years, and I know about houses, I’ve built houses and there are things about my house that would come up in an inspection.

When people live in their house for a long time, they want to sell it and often Real Estate Agents will recommend they do a pre-listing inspection so even if they choose not to fix anything that they find out, at least they won’t be blind sided by the buyers inspection.

(Insert 3 image panel: close up of hands at Wall outlet, lay flat of tools, pointing to ceiling inside)

What is a great way for potential clients to connect with you? Give you a call, website?

The best way is to call or email me:

Give me a call and I’ll get you on our schedule:, (253) 839-7222.