Photography for Peace

Update, Inspiration

How Do You Find Peace In Your Day?

The chaos of the Pandemic continues, and uncertainty fills the air in our communities. This month of November, instead of promoting Small Business Saturday in opposition to Thanksgiving weekend sales, I wanted to dig into something more personal.

How do you cope with stress? This was a question posed in a women's business group I am a part of and I was really inspired by the variety of answers. For me, doing mundane yard work like pulling weeds helps me find my sense of peace and grounding. Another thing I have always enjoyed is photographing nature. I remember the early days of parenting two kids, and how I really missed alone time to be in my own thoughts. One of the ways I found peace was to take myself on "photo dates" - usually walking to the local park or community garden.

Focusing on the details of nature in all of it's phases for me is like what I hear people praise about meditation: it calms the mind, and literally requires me to focus on what is present in front of my lens.

There is light and beauty in the details.

Whether you have a real professional camera or a SmartPhone, you can try going for a photo walk to focus on something that keeps going no matter what: nature!

That's what I think about when the people stuff seems overwhelming - nature shows up in every season, always changing, and beautiful in every one of them.

Take time to explore ways to find peace amid the continuing chaos, dear readers!