2022 Gift Guide: Shop Local!

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2022 Guide for Gifts

It's no secret, I love to support small businesses and local charities. Here's my top 10 gift ideas for you! There's a mix of things, all inspired by the clients I have worked with this year or my community.

#1 Book, "After the Divorce: From Looking Back to Leaning In"

This is Author and Coach Jeremy Stegall's second book, and while it may not seem like a top gift candidate, it is most timely in my humble opinion. The past few years living through a global Pandemic has crushed a few marriages in my network of community. His first book, "Where the Change Happens" was written more like a how-to book. This second one is story based and is no less inspiring! You can buy your paperback or Kindle version of "After the Divorce: From Looking Back to Leaning In" today on Amazon.

When he's not busy writing, he coaches others to find clarity in their lives through his coaching practice, Where the Change Happens.

#2 Moon Phase Planner

Claire Jones is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has sunk into her passion for writing and created this Moon Phase Planner! It's perfect for those people in your life who want to expand their awareness, take pause and do more self care with reflection. You can learn more about Claire and buy a digital or paper copy of her planner at claireejones.com!

#3 Massage Gift Certificate

I met Sheryl for her headshot portrait session, and her joy filled the room. She's a professional message therapist who helps others through her practice, Ghem, LLC. That stands for her unique mix of Gentle Healing Energy Manipulation. Why not gift someone you love a session with her or for yourself? Visit her website to learn more: ghemllc.com

#4 Housewarming: Color!

The Housewarming team is a full service interior design company. And while they can do a full dreamy set of remodeling plans, what about gifting yourself or someone you love a consultation for revamping color in their space? They've put together a few sweet gift certificate packages for a gift that's sure to transform a space. Check out their website for full details: housewarmingseattle.com!

#5 Andy McConnell Art

Using salvaged wood, Andy transforms it into mesmerizing sculptures! These range in sizes from those that hang on your wall to sculptures that grace your space. He has work hanging in local galleries and is a featured artist at Vain here in West Seattle during the Dec. 8th Art Walk 5-10pm. Truly original, unique gift options, check out his website to see more: mcconnellart.com

#6 Native Light Stock Shop

Since I started the shop in 2020, there are now over 500 images.

I've decided to donate 10% of all Stock Image Shop Sales to Real Rent Duwamish. Why would a Native member from another tribe support another? Because it aligns with my values, and the legacy of many native people to give back as a standard practice.

View the stock stop today: Native Light Stock Shop.

#7 Coriolis Dance

This non-profit organization supports a space for marginalized dancers. As they share on their website, they create and perform work that reflects vulnerability, resilience and softness free from patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny. Their upcoming festival, Wielding Forms, could use support to reach their $12,000 goal by the end of the year!

#8 Wine for That

Woman owned, this small business provides thoughtful hand-selected by real certified sommeliers wines to gift for any occasion. The best part is they have chosen to support Water 1st International an organization working to bring clean water to places where access is a challenge. Visit wineforthat.com to learn more.

#9 Delridge Grocery Co-op

This is truly an organization that started with a need in the North Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. This stretch of the greater neighborhood borders the East side of the area, and is considered a food desert. Meaning, it has little to no access to fresh food. The Delridge Co-op began as an effort by just a few neighbors and persisted long enough to open a retail store! You can purchase a gift basket of local foods or even gift a donation for a membership in a loved ones name. Visit DelridgeGrocery.Coop

#10 Avalon Glassworks

A local glass shop, Avalon Glassworks is staple in the West Seattle Community for offering beautiful glass blown vases, sculptures and ornaments just to name a few things. Their glass-blown Candy canes are one of my favorites. Yes, they ship, visit their website: avalonglassworks.com