Hello, I'm Holli Margell.

Native Light Photography started in 2015 after I decided to focus on serving the business community in the Seattle area. The name is in honor of my Native American heritage as a registered member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. It also reflects my style of photography - to emulate the native environment. At times that's bright and formal in the studio, at other times, you'll see a very natural light look and feel.

The vision for Native Light Photography is to help make the community stronger through shining the best possible light on others so they can thrive and grow.

When I'm not photographing amazing people and businesses, I spend my time adventuring with my husband, and helping our two kids grow into amazing young adults or relaxing with our two cats.

Black and White Photo of Holli with her Cat sneaking on her lap

How Native Light Photography started in Seattle

Sharing more of my story and some behind the scenes so you can see what it might be like to work with me.

Thanks to the documentary talent of Melissa Tumas for helping me share through the art of film making.

Booking Your Session

Working with Holli is fun and collaborative: she directs each session, plans with you to achieve the photographs that you need and want.

To start the process, we pick a date for your session that will fit your timeline, and have a consultation to plan out all the details. Through Video Conferencing, we talk through the ideas and needs you have - the why and how you will use your photos. This helps with your package selection, and then a booking deposit is invoiced, paid and you're ready to roll!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 steps to get photos in your hands:


The first step to amazing photographs is a consultation meeting! You talk about your plans for the photos - what message or campaign are they supporting? This video conference meeting helps determine how Holli will capture the best possible images for you.


Rock & Roll time! This is the time to shine, and Holli directs the details to provide a fun, timely photo session from a Mini Headshot Portrait to a full Branding campaign!


Within 3 business days, you get an online Proof album to preview and select the BEST images that support your vision and package using a handy heart button.


Your images are fully edited and optimized for your needs within 5 business days. Then, they are delivered through the digital album service as a ZIP file all together or individually as JPG files.

Other Creative Outlets

CareerSpotlight Podcast!

My husband Casey and I started this Podcast in February 2022 - we host conversations with people from a variety of career backgrounds. We find we really enjoy talking to people about how they chose their path and where their lives took them along the way. Learn more at careerspotlightpodcast.com

Holli with an i portraits

The Pandemic of 2020 really brought to my attention the fact that I missed working with families. Here's a portrait of our family (including the cats) that I created. Yes, it's inspired by a few Rock n' Roll album covers. And, yes, I took hours to create.

Summer 2021, I decided to revive my love for more creative work with people through holliwithani.com for personal portraits - the kind you print up and hang on your wall to celebrate your life!

Black and White Portrait of Holli's Family by Holli Margell

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