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How To Prepare For Your Photo Session 

Getting a new headshot portrait? Or branding photos? These are my best tips for anyone on how to prepare for your next photo session:

Hair: The best time to get your hair cut or colored is one or two weeks before your session. This will give it time to settle or time to repair!

Facial hair: This really depends on your skin type. If you’re shaving, do you get red splotchy skin afterward? When does your skin look best after a wax? Plan on giving yourself that window of time before your session.

Skin: If you’re going for a facial, do it in plenty of time for your skin to get that perfect glow period. Some skin types become red or splotchy after a facial, but look amazing 3 days later. Get to know your skin, then schedule one in your preparation window before the session. And, don’t forget to hydrate! It helps not only your skin shine but your eyes too (at least a day in advance).

Wardrobe: What makes you feel good? What is aligned with the impression you wish to make through your photos? What colors are your favorite or align with your brand? Try on your outfit ideas, snap some selfies in a mirror and see how they help you answer these three key questions. Beyond that there’s a ton of advice online, but it really comes down to you feeling good!

Trust Your Photographer: This might seem simple enough, but trust the process and enjoy the experience!