Native Light Studio Open!

Update, Inspiration, Business Highlight

Studio Ready

Last month brought my first headshot portrait client into the studio! This first client came in while the paint was fresh but all the tools and props weren't yet set up. I'm so grateful she came by, however, because her session shows how useful this place is with both indoor and outdoor settings.

It also showed how little I need to do a portrait session. The rest of my gear is for convenience and other props/backdrop options. For her session, we used a combination of natural and one single fill light.

The best part of any client session comes after: seeing it used in print or online! It was so great to see Suzanne's updated business card and her brochure card, and just how beautifully they align in branding color and style.

Headshot Portrait Studio Style:

For Suzanne's new business, she wanted to update her headshot portrait to reflect more of the role she holds as the business owner, the boss. She's worked hard to build her team and keeps it growing. We did her headshot portrait in the studio for more of a polished look and feel. A touch of corporate without being too formal or stuffy.

Headshot Portrait Outdoor Style:

This one, she chose to wear a color that really brings out her eyes. Being outdoors, it feels more personal and still super polished and professional. And we lucked out capturing this just before it started raining!

Studio Before and After

What is especially fun about working with Suzanne is that her business, Bee Organized Seattle, and mine are in the same business networking group. That means I was able to learn more about her business and how they support people who want to get their spaces better organized. To prepare for her presentation, she asked us to fill out their organizer type survey which identifies your Organizer Profile (or like I think of it, stuff holder) you are. Turns out I'm a Memory Keeper! That did not surprise me.

I LOVE all the old photographs, cool trinkets or things my Grandma had or other elders of my family have given me. So, it should surprise no one that my studio is furnished in part with some things that were gifted to me ages ago. I also chose to add a few things that are meaningful to me to honor my relatives, such as a few old books (which would make great props), beach combed rocks (reminds me of my daughter, my Dad, my Grandma), dried flower and seed pods in vases (reminds me of my Mom and Grandma).

The studio feels good, complete and ready to help others shine! For your viewing pleasure, here's the before and after transformation in photographs:

Before : After


This is such a wonderful space, and I'm so grateful to have been able to move into it. Special thanks to Gary Luke of Grassroots Painting for giving the space a painted face-lift! My husband Casey was a tremendous help with removing, cleaning, and hanging up new tools. I can't wait to create even more here!