Giving And Gifting Top 10 List

Inspiration, Update

Giving and gifting go hand in hand...

This year is unlike any other in my lifetime. And, while I know that Giving Tuesday happened today, I have been thinking more and more about the cultures that support giving as a standard practice. I see more and more businesses integrate it too. Here's my top ten favorite list for ways gift with giving intention.

  1. Fresh Chalk - Seattle Startup based on community for recommendations on services and business and now even products. This year they are providing gift lists alongside the lister's favorite charity and pledging to match up to a certain amount - they call it freshgiving!
  2. Dressember - those who have been with me for more than a year know that I have participated in the fundraising aspect for raising awareness and support to fight human trafficking. They also have a shop for participants to sport the message or shop ethical fashion.
  3. ChipMonkey Wine - Woman run, this small business provides thoughtful hand-selected by real certified sommeliers wines to gift for any occasion. The best part is they have chosen to support Water 1st International an organization working to bring clean water to places where access is a challenge .
  4. Sovereign Bodies Institute - Focused on education and awareness for the gender and sexual violence against indigenous people. They focus on supporting survivors of trafficking with peer mentorship, and helping them reclaim their stories. They have a small shop of items made by artists who donate all or part of their profits for this organization's work.
  5. - Where can you find a list of businesses that align with your values? What if you wanted to buy shoes for running from a Veteran owned business in Seattle? This is what the Internationalist has built - a way for your to shop based on type of business or service who owns it and where you are located (currently in Arizona, California, Georgia, New York, Oregon, Washington State and Washington D.C.)!
  6. Duwamish Longhouse - This Native Tribe does not have Federal Recognition for their land. The story about this is along, and the documentary, Promised Land, does a much better job than I ever could to explain it. Before I learned the full story myself, I saw how this tribe plays a big role in our community. You see, Seattle was built on the Duwamish territory. The Duwamish Longhouse serves as a community space for learning and hosts field trips, community gatherings and serves to help preserve the tribe's culture and history. Their shop has a good variety of items for gifts of all occasions.
  7. Cabi Clothing - I haven't been a big clothes shopper. In fact I was Thrift shopping in Middle and High School before it was cool! I met Marybeth Logsdon through a business network, and what has stood out to me is her enthusiasm to help women feel good in clothes that work for them. The company itself has a foundation and partners supporting a woman starting up her own business in a developing country + BOGO item (cute blouse this season that get's donated for each one purchased).
  8. Nepantla Cultural Arts - A cultural arts center tucked into the White Center Neighborhood, this space is a bright spot providing vibrant curated art shows with a focus on supporting communities of color. They also have an impressive array of gift items with a Latinx style - tee shirts, masks, key chains, stickers, cards, art prints and more!
  9. The W Marketplace - Woman Owned Marketplace - another Seattle start up! From cloth napkins to professional c-level coaching, they have a little of everything.
  10. Native Light Stock Images - Yes, I am including my own stock image shop here! This November was the month of launching and pledging to donate in honor of Native American Heritage day to our local Duwamish tribe. I've decided to donate 10% of all Stock Image Shop Sales to Real Rent Duwamish. Why would a Native member from another tribe support another? Because it aligns with my values, and the legacy of many native people to give back as a standard practice. The shop currently has 125 images and counting...just today added 8 in the Holiday and Event category!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the year to savor the joys in the season!