Introducing: CareerSpotlight Podcast!

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What it's all about

One of our favorite things to talk about are the interesting people we meet in our careers. From Casey’s background as a Software Engineering leader on one consistent career track to Holli’s multiple roles and businesses, we have talked to many inspiring people! This podcast provides a forum to share this with others.

We love talking with others about theirs lives and experiences and have heard some really cool stories. We’re excited to share them with you!

Tune in for candid conversations with people who have had one career their whole working lives as well as people who have followed less conventional routes.

Episode 1: Introducing the CareerSpotlight Podcast!

We are super excited to have our first episode up and ready to listen, here's just a short clip so you can get the feel for our conversational style:

Our Podcast is currently up on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcast platforms. We will be working to get added to others!

Come check us out: