Leveling Up Studio Lighting

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Felix Kunze's New York Studio Lighting Workshop

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn more this month! Felix Kunze is an incredibly talented and celebrated portrait photographer based in New York City, and he opened his studio up to a small group of photographers to learn his lighting techniques. With a class size of 5, we were all able to learn and practice in a hands-on style that really helps us retain and enjoy the process. He had a fantastic team who made it so enjoyable and seamless.

I first learned from Felix back in 2014 when he co-taught a class with Sue Bryce through CreativeLive called The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio. That opened my eyes and skills to using studio or strobe and flash in my photography. Before that I was a natural light photographer. Adding non-natural light was struggle for me because I could not get it to look like I wanted it to - and that class opened up skill set.

The past 8 years have been all about building on my skills and learning new ones about running a business and delivering what my clients really want and need. Now, I've reached a point where I wanted to continue to level-up my skills in lighting. Full disclosure, he also has two virtual courses offered where he breaks different lighting set ups down and explains with real examples. I have also purchased those courses, but felt like I wasn't quite able to achieve what I wanted.

One of the added benefits of this workshop for me is seeing how each photographer created with the same lighting, styling and model. We all saw something different and it showed. It reminded me of how much value we can share with our clients - our perspective is unique. I’m excited to explore the lessons and provide more options to my clients. And, I'm so grateful that Felix and his team put this workshop together! If you're a photographer looking to level up your studio lighting skills, and you'd benefit from in-person learning with supportive peers, I encourage you to attend at the next available opportunity - check out Felix's lighting workshop page here.

If you've been following my work for a while, I look forward to your feedback as it continues to grow!

Workshop Examples

These photographs are examples of what I was able to learn! Our model, Breya was so much fun to work with as she brought her own skills talent too. These portrait I created were really made possible by the incredible team Felix put together (Instagram links below):

Teacher: @felixkunze

Assistants: @_magnuskarlsson

Assistant: @tiffchapmanphoto

Model: @breyalea

MUA: @redjessmakeup

Lighting: @elinchrom_ltd

Backdrops: @oliphantstudio