What's New in 2024 + Annual Review!

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2023 Review:

I've learned a lot from leveling up my lighting skills to opening the studio and much more!

Here are my key reflections:

  1. Native Light Studio - opened the doors to past clients and future ones as well as my community. It's been like starting a new business, but really it's a branching out of the current one.
  2. Production Assistant - I had my first opportunity to act as both set photographer and Production Assistant for a branding video production for a favorite client! All of my organizational skills plus my knowledge of the Seattle area were put to practice. That looks like sitting in on the production meetings to advise on location options and connecting to local talent. The days of those video production work found me enjoying being a team member despite record cold temperatures.
  3. Leveling up my Lighting skills - a workshop in New York City! I had first attended a Seattle workshop of a talented New York based photographer, Felix Kunze, about 10 years ago. I've been a fan of his work ever since. Being able to attend in his home studio was a real delight and I learned so much - especially among my peers. His teaching style is perfect for my kinetic "hands-on" style of learning. It has been so wonderful to practice and explore more in my own studio here in Seattle.
  4. Second Video Camera - I also had the honor of assisting a documentary film maker, M. Tumas Media, for 2 fundraising films to support local non-profit organizations. My video camera skills were leveled up by this opportunity to learn from her and I'm so grateful. When people ask me if I'm also a videographer I refer to professionals her, and enjoy assisting where I can.

2023 Review scenes

Just a few moments from the year below featuring - first row: scenes of me in action at the studio with a client, Self Magnitude, (photographed by Life as A Voyager), second row: BlueMothHearing products and behind the scenes of the branding video production, third row: the amazing model, Breya, at the Felix Kunze Workshop, fourth row: working with M. Tumas Media as a second camera person and behind the scenes photographer.

There's a LOT more wonderful photographs I had the privilege of creating this year, but these align with the key reflections.

What's New in 2024: ways to elevate!

My goals for 2024 align most with the word, elevate. When I reflected on the past, and the client projects I'm most proud of being a part of, my strength really shines when I'm helping others elevate their career, brand or business. As Native Light Photography turns 9 years this month, I am excited to now offer a variety of elevated photo packages, and services. This looks like delivering more photography, and adding some motion in the style of gifs from a series of photos that play well on social media platforms. And, with last year's opportunity to flex my producer skills, I'm now adding this level of service too.

Goals for 2024:

  1. Attending a national photography conference! I'm looking forward to learning among my peers from all photography spaces.
  2. Hosting a studio showcase - because not all of my photography is best enjoyed online, I will be hosting a show for past clients and my community (sign up for the newsletter to get the scoop). Plus, I've been thinking more and more about how cool it would be to connect my clients - sort of like networking but with a more personal event.
  3. Co-creating with others: I've been so fortunate to work with other creatives the past couple of years, and am open to more opportunities! My heart is still so honored and full from working with Wendy Red Star to create portraits for her People of the Earth artwork at the Seattle Art Museum. I don't know what doors are waiting for me to enter, but I'm looking for them with intention instead of relying on the magic of Google.