When Should You Update Your Headshot Portrait?

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The Best Time to Update Your Headshot...

I've come to really like using the 3 T's to help other determine if it's time! They are like a good measurement for deciding, and like everything in life, there are always exceptions, no hard and fast rules here. It really comes down to you, are you ready to change it up? Do you want to give a different first impression through your headshot that now can be used on just about any social media platform and even your online resume?

Here are the 3 T's for you to consider:


Are you going through a transition in your career? A promotion? Starting your own business?

In today's virtual world, now more than ever a new headshot can both signal and support your new role and celebrate it.

Twenty Pounds

For some of us, our face changes with weight gain or weight loss. Since a headshot portrait is focused on your face, this really depends on you and your body.

My suggestion here is to consider if you want to look consistent between your headshot and how you look in real life.

Two Years

This is the most common amount of time it takes for someone to make a change in their appearance.

Hair length or color, glasses, or even styles have a big impact in how you look. Consider yourself lucky if you look the same longer than 2 years!

A headshot is the new handshake

As our world becomes ever more virtual in making new connections for business or in your professional career, I believe it's more important than ever to empower yourself with a headshot that helps you shine. If you're in the Seattle area, I'm here to help.