Business Highlight: Industrial Electric Machinery Worldwide

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IEM Worldwide Makes Industrial Machines Work

One of my favorite clients to work with this year is Industrial Electric Machinery Worldwide. They build and service industrial motors and generators that keep industrial plants running!

You know when the Pandemic started and there was a shortage of toilet paper? That’s because a motor broke, and this company is one of those specialized businesses who could help with a solution to a problem we were almost all affected by at the same time, at least here in the Pacific Northwest.

For their new website re-launch, I partnered with them to design a day to capture what they do, and the special equipment and warehouse for their assembly of craftspeople. 

IEM Worldwide Warehouse Overhead Photo
IEM Worldwide Assembly Maker

I was happy to have my helpful assistant on hand as we moved from space to space to capture each part and person in the best light possible. We used a combination of existing and professional lighting.

What you don’t know about me and my background to work in the environment like this is that I’m a Grandkid and child of folks who work for one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in our region. I have had many Family Day tours so I did know what kind of environment I might enter, and I did know that it was okay to ask questions to distinguish parts from one another. Thanks to Matt and Ashley for their help to make it a most successful project.

It was really a great project to work with the folks at Industrial Electric Machinery, and see them in action and how they had such a diverse group of machinists and engineers creating parts that keep our modern world running.

To see more about what they do and how they used their photos from our photo day, please check their website here. Their website was created by a wonderful design firm,