What Do We Stand For?


Black Lives Matter.

This I believe: Black Lives Matter.

This I am seeing: businesses have power.

This I am learning: silence speaks.

This I am learning: being not racist is no longer enough.

This I am learning: how to speak up.

This I have experienced:

Being wrong.

Being corrected.

Being willing to go deeper to learn.

While I have been learning about being anti-racist for a couple of years now, I have not clearly spoken how my work aligns with my personal values.

Learning now how to speak those values in every area of my business, and I keep an ongoing reflection on how we have been learning through and with our kids. I have learned the most from my kid's school, the fellow parents and the students.

My Native American heritage is something I have chosen to honor with my business name. A visit to my first Pow-wow for my Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma made me realize I need to learn more. It opened the mindset to learn about anti-racism.

Despite my membership as part of my tribe, I am a woman living with White Privilege. My mindset has grown-up with that framework, unconsciously.

I am committed to keep learning.