8th Business Anniversary + 2023 Goals!

Inspiration, Update

2023 GOALS: Native Light Photography turned 8!

I've learned so much and am inspired to set new bold goals as this business turned 8 on January 1st. This year, I strive to:

  • Serve more clients - in 2022, I got close to my goal to serve 100 clients at 78, and this year I will meet that goal.
  • Dedicate time to teach photography. I miss teaching in person, and this feels like the year to set up classes and host them myself.
  • Complete and share one personal photography project this year: I have so many ideas, possibly too many. One has been living on the back burner and I'm finally ready to put it together - stay tuned for the launch in May.
  • Create new options for my clients with the new studio!


  1. In 2022, I am so grateful to have grown and stretched as a business owner. I found myself working more and finding more opportunities to try new things. One of them was having an intern. He was a wonderful young adult looking into the photography career path. It taught me to slow down and look for ways to accept help - like literally not doing everything myself. What that opportunity also did was teach me what it might be like to expand my team. I'm not at the level of client bookings to grow and outsource tasks yet, but it helped me see that areas I could when the opportunity arises. All in all, I think I learned just as much as my intern!
  2. The biggest honor of my career came with the Internet connecting me with Apsáalooke artist, Wendy Red Star! Working with her, and her Assistant Epiphany Couch was a delight I cannot quite explain without sounding like I'm repeating myself, AMAZING. Humbled and honored are how I still feel. Every aspect was such a learning and growing and delightful experience. It really gave me a chance to see all of my skills, experience and passions come together, and really learn to trust. Photographing the portraits of the women and youths, it was the first time I was creating portraits for some one else to create with and I had to let them go as part of the process. The result brought tears and joy. I wrote more about the experience seeing Wendy Red Star's Áakiiwilaxpaake (People Of The Earth) come to life on the walls of the Seattle Art Museum. You can read more here.
  3. Attending a dream workshop in Arizona: In September, I attended a Portrait Photography Conference. It was one I had desired to attend for the past 4 or 5 years. Part of the reason that it stood out to me is because of how it hosts "photo booths" with scenes and setup for practice. It was honestly a bit overwhelming. But it was also such a wonderful opportunity for me to grow and soak up inspiration and creative ideas.
  4. Podcasting is something I really love doing too. My husband Casey and I launched the Career Spotlight Podcast in March (almost one year ago)! We've been focused on interviewing people about their career journey, and how they got where they are today. Every single guest has inspired us in some way.
  5. Last year I also held a part-time virtual job supporting folks who were members of a business networking organization. It felt like such a good fit in 2020 when I joined the team and my business was slow due to the Pandemic. And I am grateful for the lessons I learned in my nearly 2 years, but as 2022 began to grow my business, I knew I had to choose to let go of one role so I could fully embrace those that are my first passions: my family and photography. Resigning was not easy but it was the next natural step for me to grow my business.

New Studio Is Open!

This felt like a long time coming, opening the new studio is such a satisfying goal to reach! The 2020 Pandemic closed my first small studio.

I was not sure when or where my next opportunity would open up.

Super happy to share I found a space here at the historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. This community is special to me and my family and I am so grateful for all of my clients who have helped me grow into a studio here.

And, I've given it a unique website and social profile on Instagram in case it grows into a space to share with others. For now, I'm working to explore how I use the space myself on my photography. It's so exciting to have a dedicated space for work and creative projects. If you'd like to get news and updates for cool projects or opportunities happening, I invite you to join my newsletter: here.