What Photo Sessions look like in 2021!

Photography sessions are different now than they were 2 years ago. Now when I work with career professionals or business owners, it's more about how we can work around each other's comfort levels for health protocols and still make outstanding photographs. I've become more flexible and capable of wearing a mask all day!

Some clients are most comfortable outdoors with some distance between us. Others are fully vaccinated and ready for a studio session. And yet others want to wear a mask up until I'm at a safe distance to remove their mask. My intention is still the same as it was when I started Native Light Photography in 2015: making clients feel as comfortable and good in front of the camera as possible! And it all comes down to clear communication.

I think it's much easier to show you rather than describe what that looks like. And, I'm absolutely delighted to share with you a video about how Native Light Photography started - this video shows me in action both with a mask and without a mask. I am confident and ready to work with you no matter what the latest mandate or requirements are.