What to Expect During COVID-19 Photo Sessions


Planning for success.

Now that everyone can get their hair cut and personal grooming scheduled, photo sessions are finally starting too. Today, I took a few self portraits to show how I wear Personal Protection Equipment with gloves and a reusable mask. And, I was reminded that I could show and tell about how I'm working during this time.

The precautions I am taking as photo session are happening during this time:

  • Consultation: planning call for each session so that we only interact in person, once.
  • Online contract and invoicing for payment.
  • Rescheduling as needed for us all to stay well.
  • Outdoor sessions as much as possible, but indoors will maintain distance, and I will be wearing a mask and gloves at all times.
  • New pop-up style studio space is now available with 850 square feet of space for individual portraits so we can maintain distance. It's a rental space in a charming old schoolhouse for events that is cleaned between bookings.

Trust is the big foundation to be able to work together, as we commit to paying attention for any illness before and after our interaction. And, I am only booking clients twice a week, with 3-4 days between each in person work day to limit my exposures. While that likely means having to book clients out, it helps with contact tracing if ever that is needed.

I truly enjoy working in person!