What's The Difference Between a Headshot and Branding Photos?

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Headshot Portraits help you make a powerful first impression.

I like to think of a headshot portrait like a first virtual handshake.

A Branding Portrait helps connect.

Annette is a marketing expert and professional. Her headshot portrait helps her shine as a positive force ready to engage and help business owners. Her branding portraits showcase her personality a bit more, and shows how carefully she listens to her clients to guide them, and empowers them with workshops to thrive.

A Branding Portrait supports your story.

Sarah's headshot portrait is an authentic reflection of her personality and her professionalism. Here's her headshot portrait to the right, and below are some branding portraits of her to highlight her personality: a love of art and fun, but ability to listen and help others as a mental health professional.

A Branding Portait helps you attract your ideal clients.

Ryan's headshot portrait as a real estate agent shows his friendly, enthusiastic attitude. For his branding photos below, we created images that play with his unique story and supports how he found his way from law to real estate. From feeling soul-crushed and lost to a path that engages his can-do attitude and passion to help others, the photos are a bit more theatrical, but oh, so fun!

Branding Photo Tips!

When I have consultations with clients, my best advice is to think about how you plan to use your branding photos. Here are my top 3 tips for considering a branding portrait session:

  1. What story do you want to share? What's a key part of how your business that helps you shine above the rest of the competition?
  2. Where will you share your story? If you're going to share on social media platforms, which ones? This helps your photographer capture the images in the most useful way. In practical terms, the dimensions and space around you as well as the color and tones will impact out effective your photos are.
  3. What's the best time to support your branding photos? For example, if your business is focused on working outdoors, it's best to plan when the weather is ideal. If your business has seasons or cycles for working with clients, perhaps planning for an off-season or usual time when you're not too busy trying to keep up. That way you have time to do all the things for a successful photo session (get your hair cut, wardrobe sorted, etc.)

I really enjoy the process of supporting others to plan an effective branding photo session - feel free to reach out for a consultation if you have other questions or are ready to plan for your session. That's as easy as reaching out through the contact form!