Choosing The Best Photographer For You!

Choosing The Best Photographer For You!

When my brother was getting married, his fiancé asked me if I had any Wedding Photographer recommendations. They had asked their friends and found most of those were outside their budget. I was more than happy to help!

I think that choosing the best photographer for you comes down to three things: 

  1. What style of work do you love?
  2. What’s your budget?
  3. What’s possible to work with them?

The first two are easy to answer, the third part is where my practical life experience comes into play. Let’s say for example that you find the photographer whose work you love, and you search or inquire about their session fee and packages. If they are outside your budget, hopefully that’s okay because you can save up within several months.

The time comes, and when you reach out to book, that photographer now charges more! You might stop there and start looking for others. Or, you could consider reaching out directly to see if they offer any payment plans or book them at their current rate a bit further in the calendar so you can save up enough. Once your budget is dedicated even before or during your booking, I recommend focus on the other part: communication!

Choosing the best photographer for you is really about aligning your vision, your budget and then communication with the photographer you want. Plus, working with a photographer really comes down to communication from the start to get the images you desire.

When I work with clients, I always do my best to help them relax a bit and coach them through the process to get a variety of options and aim for those moments where they look authentically them. And we get wonderful results when we can work together! 

I have long believed that a powerful photo is one created by both the photographer the the person being photographed - it’s a dance between the technical parts and the emotive parts in your expression and body language.

I always strive to help people look at ease, both comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Whether that means we bring in more support like hiring a wardrobe Stylist, Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist, or talking about outfits and locations, communication is the key to choosing the best photographer for you! So my final recommendation is to strive for a consultation call before you book to make sure you and the photographer you book are aligned and communicate well.

Inspiration for this post comes from Maggie Green Style - as a professional stylist, she interviewed several photographers like me around the US. Hop on over and check out her article, “How to Shop for a Photographer.”