New Year Review + Reflection


2020 Review + Reflections

Happy New Year 2021!

I usually save more personal updates and letters for my Newsletter, and this year, I have decided to share more on the blog.

First a celebration: Native Light Photo turned 6 on January 1st!

One of the things that I do every year is to reflect on the year and what went well and what did not go well. I look at this as an opportunity to adjust and learn where to grow myself and my business. And, this year seems like a good time for me to share since we are all in a season for learning! While I am by no means a success in the monetary sense of the word, I am at peace and ready to move forward. Perhaps my reflections and review can inspire you too.

What went well:

  • Headshots are still important: many folks went to working virtually or changed jobs and there is still a strong market to serve, though with the distance requirements, I get to work outdoors more with clients. I am glad this is how I started my business, so going back didn't phase me.
  • Showing up in your business photos is now more relevant than ever as consumers are looking to connect with and support local and small businesses in their community. I was able to work with 2 new types of business this year: a Coffeeshop and a Custom Woodworker!
  • My business saw opportunities to make new offerings and grow into a more virtual world. While my SmartPhone Photo classes were cancelled at the local college, I auditioned and offered to teach online. From one to one consultation style lessons to small groups, I can now make this offering with ease!
  • I had the opportunity to give virtual public speaking a try to several professional groups from: How To Take Better SmartPhone Photos for your business to Photos for Story Branding to How To Hire The Best Photographer for your business.

What did not go well:

  • The criteria to do in person work was limited for a solid 4 months as a non-essential business, that closure for me resulted in 52% decrease for the year. While that was hard, it made me realize that I need to make a variety of offerings from the online SmartPhone classes to consulting.
  • Closed the Studio - I held out for 3 months, but after there was the criteria to keep 6 ft distance from clients for the foreseeable future, it made sense to close up as my space was only suitable for headshot portraits, and not able to keep that distance physically.

What's up for 2021?

  1. I'm excited to flex my skills for outdoor portraits, and work to safely serve businesses while continuing to follow all of the current recommendations.
  2. From all of the lessons 2020 brought, I will be continuing to build my Stock image Shop with photographs of places and things that you can buy to use in your social content.
  3. Continuing to spread the joy of photography through Virtual SmartPhone Photo classes.
  4. Time to revive my Youtube channel to share more practical photo tips and ideas like how to setup for Zoom and look your best.
  5. Collaborations are coming: I am working to make connections to other professionals to share more resources with you as you grow this year! From wardrobe styling to content ideas, I am working to connect and host other professionals in my spaces through social media and here on the blog.



"Holli was so pleasant to work with. Very creative and accommodating in such hard times during the assent of Covid and other anomalies affecting her craft. The pictures taken came out beautifully and she coached me through my first ever professional photo shoot to get the best shots. Her location selection was more than ideal and also offered more than one option that I would ultimately decide from. Will definitely use her in the future. I believe her photography expertise is the reason why my website stands"

—Charley, Owner Neo Moving