Outdoor Portrait Sessions in Seattle


Covid-19 Safe Photos

Honestly, I have been doing outdoor portraits since I first started doing professional photography. As my business grew, and I opened my first studio, adding the traditional portrait look to my portfolio felt like a natural progression. With Covid-19 causing many new restrictions and requiring physical distance, I have been going back to my early years in business and it feels good.

It has been fascinating to see my work progress to include some of the classic portrait lighting angles and I love having some new tools to get the best results. For example, I recently set up a classic portrait using a black backdrop, shielding away the harsh sunlight and had my portable studio light set up.

Here's an example from using our backyard to update my husband's LinkedIn Profile.

Outdoor Portrait Set-Up

Outdoor Studio Set up in our backyard: V-Flat for background, shielding the sunlight with a reflector, and studio Elinchrom light.

Outdoor Men's Headshot

My handsome husband's new LinkedIn Profile Portrait!

Outdoor locations

I always keep my eyes out for background options when I've been exploring neighborhoods in Seattle. With the Shelter At Home order in King County, I haven't gone out as much as I usually do, but I have a good catalog of places I have used in the past. For example, I had a client with an office in the Georgetown neighborhood who wanted outdoor staff portraits that were not all exactly the same. I did a scouting visit and came up with this menu of 22 choices!

No matter where or what city, I am prepared and excited to do more outdoor portaits.

Outdoor backgrounds

Scouting locations in Georgetown!