SmartPhone Photography Classes

Update, Classes

Classes are happening!

This spring and summer are opening up new opportunities for me to step back into teaching mode.

I had the pleasure of teaching a group of MS folks thanks to their MS Adventure Coordinator finding me on Google. What is so amazing about Smartphones is how accessible it makes photography. We had the perfect location and weather for a lunch time class.

Photograph of me on the left with my whiteboard by a student from the MS Adventure class. While I like to host at my studio, I can teach just about anywhere my white board and stand can fit.

Who takes a SmartPhone photo class?

This day and time in technology, you can learn anything online. From Youtube videos to virtual classes offered on a variety of platforms. I think those who most benefit from taking a class I offer need the hands-on, action based class where you can ask real time questions and get focused on what you really to learn. Here are the types of classes most folks find helpful:

Group Adventure

This is inspired by my first client of the year seeking an adventure for an MS patient group. They strive to get folks out and active. What I loved about cultivating this class was adding a scavenger hunt part to the class so that folks could enjoy the park location and sights while also practicing and learning.

Business Team

Small businesses usually manage all the things including social media and marketing. From sales to service based businesses, I have taught classes for groups to elevate their products or benefit from their services.

It is a fun group building event, and helps everyone capture images that can be useful for the business and in their own lives.

Custom Class

This is perfect for the person preparing for a big trip or those wanting to lean into a new hobby and improve their skills.

For this type of class, I have taught both for a new DSLR owner and someone who got a new Smartphone. I'm happy to build a class for any type of camera.