Reopening Photography in Washington State is Phase 2!


Tentatively opening June 1st:

Being a Seattle based photographer means that King County is really the deciding factor as the hardest hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic with the highest numbers in our state. I've not been able to safely work since the middle of March. And I was previously informed our industry was a Phase 3 business.

I'm grateful to be able to return to photographing professionals and business owners! Starting June 1st, we will get to work together again (as long as the health professionals leading our state see the numbers required for safely doing so).

What will that look like? For now, the biggest change will be to return to only doing on site locations and outdoors. We will maintain distance recommended. And, I will be doing something called Mirror Posing - kind of like Simon Says game, where you get to mimic my pose instead of me placing your hands for example.

And the biggest change will be no longer shaking your hand. I've been practicing my bow, or curtsey if I'm wearing a dress too. So, you can be rest assured the fun, slightly playful factor I bring to each session will still be alive.

Next, I will be providing a document of my own protocols to provide you so that when we work together we both know we are doing so with the utmost respect and safety for our community.